We’d LOVE to hear about some of your experiences that you’ve had while you’ve been out eating, no matter if it was something that happened to you, or something you witnessed that you thought was pretty funny. So share your experiences, and let everyone else enjoy the laughter of some of those great experiences!


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  • Susie:

    Kids are too funny!
    My daughter, her friend (both 8 at the time) and my friend went to eat at our local Corner Bakery in Highlands Ranch, CO. We were there about 1/2 hour before closing time and our daughters were getting antsy. They had finished their food and started looking around only to find that the place was pretty empty. They saw one of the employees wiping down chairs and tables and went over to ask if they could help. He looked over at us to see what we thought and we said, “Go for it” He got them towels and pointed the way to cleaning up the front of the restaurant. Those girls were thorough. Of course we both commented on “If only they would do this at home!” Well, 15 minutes later the nice employee thanked them and gave them each a dessert on the house and an offer of employment when they were old enough!

  • Sometimes it’s the spontaneous things that can spawn absolute hilarious events when dining out, and that’s what happened once when I was simply eating at a local Taco Bell with my fiencee’. As it stands, I try my very best to be the consummate gentleman whenever I’m with her, doing everything from opening doors to pulling out the chair when taking our seats. We had just finished our first round of soft tacos, and as she gulped down the last of her drink, I noticed she needed some more, so I stood up and announced I was going to refill her drink. With 2 fingers fully extended, she pushed my drink toward me and said “here, get yourself some too while you’re at it”, and without missing a beat, she followed that with “I am just SO GOOD to you!!” As hard as she tried, she couldn’t retain her straight face any longer, and we both lost it right there and then. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a mouthful of soda to swallow, because if I did, it would have NEVER been swallowed, and would have instead become a shower over her and anybody else that was within 5 feet of us.

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