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Elegant Fare Personal Chef and Catering Service

Chef David Straus

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Chef David Straus
Graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Program
Member, United States Personal Chef Association

Chef David will come to your home and prepare a variety of 4-5 healthy meals for you and your family (16 - 20 serving). Our service includes planning, all grocery shopping and preparation, packaging and clean up: with no fuss to you!
You will have a variety of great dinners awaiting you, and a wonderful smelling home at the end of the day. Some meals will be frozen and some kept cold in your refrigerator. Only the finest vegetables, freshest fish, top quality meats and ingredients will be used.

Are you familiar with the industry?

“Once available to only celebrities, moguls and tycoons, personal chefs have become as ubiquitous as personal trainers and as affordable as personal pan pizzas”
Bon Appetit

“If you're a typical family, you're relying on Mom or Dad and more on take out.
Hiring a personal chef puts “home-cooking” back in home”
Wall Street Journal Report

“Hiring a personal chef service is cheaper than dining out and a whole lot
easier—a way to take a bite out of the cost of eating well”
CBS Morning Show



Delicious MealHow it Works

Chef David will come to your house for a brief meeting to meet you, determine food preferences for members of your family, familiarize himself with your kitchen, and set a date for service.
A proposed menu will be developed after the meeting.

A menu will be sent to you for requested changes and approval. David will pick from a list of agreed upon side dishes to use the freshest ingredients possible.

On the cook day, David will shop early in the morning and arrive at your house around 10:00 AM. In addition to groceries, David will bring his own cooking equipment and supplies and prepare your reheatable menu selections, and your daily plated and served dinner.

After leaving your kitchen spotlessly clean: I will then package, label and store your reheatable menu selections in your refrigerator or freezer with heating instructions for you to enjoy at your leisure. The day is finished by about 4-4:45 in the afternoon.

Elegant Fare Personal Chef Service can save you the precious gift of time, sometimes up to 15 hours a week. At the end of your busy day, you can sit down to a easily prepared gourmet meal within 15-20 minutes after you get home and enjoy relaxing, not having to cook.

—Cost between $175 - $325 including all groceries

Average service for a family of four includes:
5 Dinner Entrees with 4 portions
4 Side Dishes from an agreed upon list
Price: $325
** $25 off per week when you pay for a month in advance
*Additional sides or vegetable add $5/per person

Service with 4 meals also available for a family of four:
4 Dinner entrees with four portions
3 Side Dishes from an agreed upon list
Price $275
*Additional sides or vegetable add $5/per person

3 Dinner entrées with 2-5 portions
3 Side dishes from an agreed upon list
Priced $175 plus groceries

Service for 2 is same price as four, but your meals will be
packaged for 2 and you will end up with two meals per entree.
*Additional cost for freezer safe storage containers

Grocery prices assume shopping at local grocery stores. Groceries will cost more if you would like me to shop at an organic grocery.

I am also available to cook and serve private dinner parties in your home. Catering pricing is supplied separately at an hourly rate of $30 an hour. Catering menu and references available upon request.


These are sample menu items. Naturally, all of these and many, many more are available. Chef David has an extensive cookbook collection and a Bon Appetit collection dated back to the 1980's.

Soups and Salads
Minestrone Soup
Hearty Bean Soup
Tomato Basil Soup
New England Clam Chowder
Texas Beef Chili
Asian Noodle Soup
Mandarin Orange Spinach Salad
Baby Blue Cheese and Spicy Pecans Salad
Tossed Salad
Tangy Shrimp Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Caesar Salad
Marinated Grilled Vegetables

Oriental Honey Garlic Chicken
Chicken Parmesan
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Pot Pie
Hoisin Stir-fry

Beef & Pork
Classic Meat Lasagna
Flank Steak with Ginger Garlic Soy Sauce
Beef Stroganoff
Oriental Beef with Snow Peas
London broil
Roasted Tenderloin of Pork

Grilled Salmon with a Fresh Lemon Dill Butter Sauce
Salmon and Sole in Phylo with a Sundried Tomato Sherry Filling
Coconut Shrimp
Shrimp Creole
Crab Cakes

Pasta Primavera
Vegetarian Lasagna
Eggplant Parmesan
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Ziti with Broccoli in Garlic Cream Sauce



Who needs a personal chef?
Personal chefs were once thought to be for the wealthy only. More recently, there has been a recognized need for a personal chef for those individuals who simply do not have the time, physical ability, or skills to prepare meals day in and day out.

How will my meals be packaged?
Your meals can be packaged individually or family style. They will be stored in freezable microwave containers or Pyrex containers, ready for your oven. We also use a food saver vacuum packing system that removes the air and seals in freshness. These bags can be microwaved or boiled. Some meals will be stored in the refrigerator, while others will go in the freezer for a later date.

How do you prepare the food in my home if you don't know what I have?
Chef David will use your counter space, stove refrigerator, and sink. He will bring everything else and leave you appetizing food. He also does the shopping and brings the spices; so don't worry if your cupboard is bare!

Do you have to prepare the food in my house?
Yes, because of health department regulations, food must be prepared in the safety of your own kitchen or in a commercially certified kitchen.

Do I need to be home?
No you don't. In fact most clients are not at home during a cook date. Chef David can be at your home before you go to work, or you can leave a key. Cooking normally takes five to seven hours, depending on the selection and the amount of food you have chosen. We will also make special arrangements if there is an alarm system, and Chef David loves pets!

Can you make my Mom's recipe or do you use your own?
Nobody makes food as good as your mom, but we will be happy to prepare any recipe you want. We prefer to test recipes before cooking them for clients, so special requests should be made in advance!

I'm having company over for a party. Can you cater this event?
My trained staff can help serve the meal, pass appetizers, tend the bar, and clean up after the whole event. Elegant Fare has done wedding receptions, business meals, picnics and holiday parties. Catering pricing is supplied separately at an hourly rate of $30 an hour per server and chef. Catering menu and references available upon request.

The cost seems to be about what I pay for an entrée in a restaurant-why is that?
Although the fees are expressed per entrée, they actually represent all the components of the service. For example, the assessments determine your tastes in food. All the recipes are modified to reflect your likes and dislikes. All the shopping and groceries are included and prepared in the safety of your home. When you go out to a restaurant, you must drive there, wait for a table, hopefully receive good service, and hopefully have any special requests fulfilled. Then, you pay premium prices for wine and liquor, tip the server and get back in the car to drive home. If you have a personal chef, you just heat your specially prepared entrees in the comforts of your home.



Chef David began his catering career in the early 1990's, and launched Elegant Fare Personal Chef and Catering Service in 1997. Elegant Fare wants to bring “the pleasure of being pampered and not worrying about your party” to all of our catered events.

Our experienced professional staff prides itself on their ability to deliver the service that you expect, at reasonable rates. To keep standards high, we cook and prepare food on site.

Elegant Fare charges differently than most catering companies. As a personal chef business that maintains a low overhead, we can keep our costs down to a minimum.

We charge a flat rate of $25 an hour per chef and server and a $1 set-up charge per person. We include a 15% charge on the total bill for serving pieces, menu planning and organization. This is not a tip for the servers, but for the service of planning, and silver, ceramic and marble serving pieces. This also includes all coordination of rental and beverage pickup and delivery.

Elegant Fare catering can act as planner for your entire event, and manage the party from start to finish, or we can fill in as needed if you have some other assistance in town during the event. We will take care of all the party planning of your event from liquor at the bar to the rental of china and tables. Our staff will provide service from bartending to carving the food tableside.

In the past we've engaged locations and sent out invitations for clients when schedules have gotten compressed, relieving some of the pressure as the party date approaches! We have relationships with rental companies in town and typically procure everything for clients from tables and chairs to linen, china, glassware and silver. We work to organize your entire event so all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Our goal is to work with you to create a memorable event that fits the audience, the occasion and most importantly, your budget.

Click here to see our catering menu
References available upon request



Cooking Classes
Classes are available for individual and group instruction.

Elegant Fare will work with you on a menu. They will do all the grocery shopping and will bring all the ingredients, tools, and utensils required to complete the meal. Your guests bring his or her own chef knife* and cutting board. After all your guests arrive, we will have a short discussion about the menu. Your guests will then participate in a Hands On Cooking Class and prepare the menu with the guidance of a trained chef. You then will sit down with your guests and DINE ON YOUR CREATION. As a party souvenir, you and your guests take home a monogrammed apron and cookbook from your party.

*Knives sharped upon request


About the Chef
Chef David is a graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts, and Food and Beverage Management Programs. He has been practicing the art of fine food preparation for 20 years. Over the years David has found himself preparing food in restaurants, hotels, private homes, and even on a yacht!

Chef David brings his vast experiences to each personal chef and catering client. He is a member of the American Personal Chef Association, and is certified in food sanitation.

Member, American Personal Chef Association